Kids Sport For Life Policy


  1. Kids Sport for Life Inc. will not tolerate any anti-social behaviour from a child if a child is behaving inappropriately their parent/legal guardian will be called and a future plan for their child will be put in place.
  2. If a child misses a class due to illness or holidays a make-up session at a different class during the same term will be offered.
  3. Parents and Guardians are responsible for their child after the completion of the sports session.
  4. Photos and videos may be taken for training or marketing purposes for Kids Sport for Life only. Please let us know in writing to advise if you do not consent.
  5. Participation in Kids Sport For Life is voluntary and parents/guardians allow their child/children to participate at their own risk. Kids Sport for Life Inc does, however, hold their own current Platinum Liability Amateur Sports Policy.

  6. If you are a Health Care Card or Pension Card holder you may be entitled to a  $150.00 to be put towards sport term fees for a family member.  (That’s $150.00 per child per the calendar year towards sports fees. Children must be aged 5 years or older to be eligible. The child must be named on a valid Health Care Card or Pension Concession card. Contact us for further details.